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halow agan,,,,,  sekarang q mw ngepost lagu'' OST Naruto nih,,, Dari semua episode da disini jadi jgan khawatir kurang komplitea,,,,,,
langsung z disikat semua lagunya gan,gratis ko,,,, :-)

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  1. Aluto - Michi
  2. Akeboshi - Wind
  3. Aqua Times - Orchestra of Midnight
  4. Asian kungfu Generation - Haruka kanata
  5. Azu - For You
  6. Blue Bird -ikimono Gakari
  7. Domino - You can Do It
  8. Flow - Go !!!
  9. Flow - Sign
  10. Halcali - Long kiss Goodbye
  11. Hemenway - By my side
  12. Home made Kazoku - Freedom
  13. Home made Kazoku - Nagareboshi shooting star
  14. Ikimono - Hatoru no Hikari
  15. Inoe Je - Closear
  16. Kishidan - Omae dattanda (It was You)
  17. Little by little - Kimi monogatari
  18. Long short Party - Distance
  19. Matchy With Question - Mezemoro
  20. Nico Touches - Driver
  21. Nico Touches -Broken youth
  22. Nobody know - Heros come back
  23. Okamoto's - Yokubou o sakebe
  24. Oreskaband - Jitensaha
  25. Place to try - Total Fat
  26. Raiko - A live
  27. Seamo - My answer 
  28. Seven !! - Lovers
  29. Super Beaver - Bacchikoi
  30. Super Cell  - Utaka Hanabi
  31. Surface - Sunao na niji
  32. Tatika - New Song

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